August 15, 2015 by Dawn Brown

How to Stay Fit in 5 Easy Steps

HealthEducationStaying healthy is very important no matter what age you are. As it’s easier to prevent an illness than to treat one, specialists recommend making physical exercises and eating healthy so that you can be able to live a healthier and longer life.

Even if everything sounds like a cliché, the truth is that this actually works for many people. The secret behind this is that if you want to stay active you have to find your own fitness plan, which includes both physical exercises and adequate diets. Some people don’t need a real diet, but they do need to pay attention to what they eat – like less fat and more greenery.

Step 1 – Be Realistic

heartweightsWhen you decide you want to start getting back into a good shape and improve your overall state of health, it is very important to keep your goals realistic. This means that you have to review any attempt that you had toward this step. If you know that you have already started at least a dozen of diet plans and fitness programs, but you have abandoned them all, then it may be the right time to find what stimulates you to go through with it. Women have different dreams than men, so if you are a woman you can choose a smaller size in clothes and work out until you reach that size. Almost all men wish for a flat abdomen, so if you are one of those, work until you get as close to it as possible.

Make a schedule for working out sessions and respect it – make room for it in your busy days, and visit the gym at least 4 or 5 times per week. This is the rate that proves to be most successful, no matter what goal you follow. Of course, you can exercise daily, especially if you plan to lose weight.


Step 2 – Change Your Lifestyle

This means more than what you think – you need to think carefully about the reason why you want to do this. Starting a fitness program will help you on so many levels – Health Fair Imageit improves your tonus, it helps you lose weight, it helps you tone your muscles and it teaches you about discipline. To be able to achieve all of these you need to change your lifestyle. If you want tips for staying fit and healthy, then you should start with the way you think and eat.

Fast food will definitely be forbidden, and you need to make a strict plan that you have to follow, for both eating and exercising. Choose healthy food – like fresh ingredients, more vegetables, fruits and spices. Avoid fast food and learn how to cook your own meals – not only it is healthier, but it’s also cheaper. Talk to a nutritional specialist and learn about the good ingredients that you can have in your meals.

Step 3 – Set Up Goals

fitnessBe realistic when you choose your goals and start small. Don’t wish overnight to be transformed into a Hollywood star, as this is quite impossible. However, if you wish to lose weight, start with at least a few pounds per week – and work that week until you get the right results. Keep striving until you reach each goal. For example, if you are a sedentary person, choose jogging or choose the treadmill in the gym – and each day try to outpass the result from the previous day. It’s important that you don’t feel bad if you can’t reach the goal in that week or for that day – the most important think is how you see the experience and what you have learnt from it. Keeping a positive view on each experience that you have both inside and outside the gym will help you achieve your goals easier.

Step 4 – Say No to Diets

fitness1When you hear about diets, you also think about flavorless food that gives you no pleasure in eating it. Not everyone needs a diet and not every diet is the same. What is important is that you can eat all the food that don’t harm you (like in those cases when you have problems with your digestive tract) and food that is considered healthy. Avoid food that is rich in fat, as this can imbalance your cholesterol. Eat more vegetables and fruits, without cooking them, as these are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are welcomed by your organism. Learn the difference between processed food (like the one that is half frozen) and the food that is homemade. Each of these tips will help you out a lot more than you think, especially when you start on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Step 5 – Other alternatives

In extreme cases you may want to consult your doctor to see what other alternative are out there for you. The doctor may prescribe medications as an alternative method to reaching your goals. Additionally there are surgical procedures, but this should only be an option if you have consulted your doctor. In you are in Australia, visit you local consultant in Sydney for tummy tucks, or mini tucks procedures but it best to have tried all of the above steps before choosing this method. For minor facial aesthetics, most people may choose minor chin liposuction procedures to balance the contour of your face.